During operations that are likely to generate a large payout, this payout will be shared between the Alliance and the Alliance members, currently at a rate of 20% to the Alliance and 80% to the Alliance members participating in the operation.

The amount that each member received is base on the amount of participation that the member has shown during the operation. This can be recorded by utilizing PAPS of the fleet, during each vital stage of the operation and/or recorded by FC's, Leadership, and Officers. This is used to assign participation points to members and the more points a member acquires the higher the percentage of the payout is awarded.

How Participation Points Are Assigned

As each operation asks different activities from our members, some of which can be as simple as following FC commands "Press F1!" and others can be as arduous as holding hole control for hours on end. Taking part in these activities all gain participation points but at different amounts based on the amount of effort and dedication put in by our members. With the intention of rewarding that effort.

The weight of each of these activities is decided by the organizers of the operation be it Leadership, Fleet Commanders, or officers on case by case basis. For example, Hole Control in the past has been weighted higher than structure shooting.

The Job of the Fleet Secretary

The Different Types of Payout Structures

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