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"I spend all my days going down to the mine..." -Matt Anderson, Coal Mining Blues

Ore Sites by Moon Master Jaxan Brax


In normal space each system has several asteroid belts that one can warp to at any time and go mining. Wormholes have absolutely no asteroid belts whatsoever and instead of ore anomalies that randomly spawn like other sites in the solar system.

Ore anomalies do not need to be scanned-down and can be freely warped to by default. Mining in ore sites is also an excellent way to bait fights. Like gas sites, ore sites will eventually spawn hostile rats once triggered.

All ore site anomalies are called "deposits" in the Probe Scanner window except for the Shattered Debris Field.

The Infrequent Core Deposit, Rarified Core Deposit, and Shattered Debris Field are coveted as they are the only ore sites that contain Mercoxit. The Shattered Debris Field found only within Shattered Wormholes is highly coveted as it contains the +10% yield variant of the natural ores.

Ore Site Table

Deposit Quantity & NPC Enemy
Common Perimeter 5 Emergent Patroller
Ordinary Perimeter 3 Emergent Patroller
2 Emergent Watchman
Average Frontier 3 Emergent Patroller
1 Awakened Patroller
Unexceptional Frontier 1 Emergent Escort
2 Emergent Patroller
2 Emergent Watchman
Exceptional Core 1 Sleepless Sentinel
Infrequent Core 2 Awakened Defender
Isolated Core 1 Awakened Watchman
2 Emergent Patroller
Rarified Core 1 Sleepless Sentinel
2 Awakened Sentinel
Uncommon Core 1 Awakened Escort
2 Emergent Watchman
Unusual Core 2 Awakened Patroller
Shattered Debris Field 2 Emergent Defender
1 Awakened Defender

Ore and Mineral Yield Table

Of the eight minerals in the game, only certain ores have the highest reprocessing yields of these minerals per cubic meter. Mercoxit, unlike other ores, requires the Deep Core Mining skill trained to level one to mine.

Mineral Highest Yields / m3
Tritanium Dense Veldspar (+10%); Concentrated Veldspar (+5%); Veldspar
Pyerite Massive Scordite (+10%); Condensed Scordite (+5%); Scordite
Mexallon Prismatic Gneiss (+10%); Iridescent Gneiss (+5%); Gneiss
Isogen Obsidian Ochre (+10%); Onyx Ochre (+5%); Ochre
Nocxium Crystalline Crokite (+10%); Sharp Crokite (+5%); Crokite
Zydrine Monoclinic Bistot (+10%); Triclinic Bistot (+5%); Bistot
Megacyte Prime Arkonor (+10%); Crimson Arkonor (+5%); Arkonor
Morphite Vitreous Mercoxit (+10%); Magma Mercoxit (+5%); Mercoxit

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