"Whiskey. Hotel. Sierra. Oscar. Charlie." -Jaxan Brax using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to communicate the WHSOC acronym

NATO Phonetic Alphabet by Moon Master Jaxan Brax


The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is a naming convention for alphabetical characters to ensure absolute clarity when communicating over radio or for any other application. Each letter of the alphabet has a different name for instant and easy identification. For example the letters B, C, D could be confused with each other when communicating over voice comms. Using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet these characters would be represented and communicated as "Bravo," "Charlie," and "Delta" respectively.

In wormhole space one of the many ways using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet is helpful is when scanning signatures; a newly spawned signature in the probe-scanner window with the I.D. NEW-000 would be read as, "New signature in system: November. Echo. Whiskey. Tack zero zero zero."

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Character Telephony Phonetic Pronunciation
A Alfa (AL-FAH)
B Bravo (BRAH-VOH)
C Charlie (CHAR-LEE)
D Delta (DELL-TAH)
E Echo (ECK-OH)
F Foxtrot (FOKS-TROT)
G Golf (GOLF)
H Hotel (HOH-TELL)
I India (IN-DEE-AH)
J Juliet (JEW-LEE-ETT)
K Kilo (KEY-LOH)
L Lima (LEE-MAH)
M Mike (MIKE)
N November (NO-VEM-BER)
O Oscar (OSS-CAH)
P Papa (PAH-PAH)
Q Quebec (KEE-BECK)
R Romeo (ROW-ME-OH)
S Sierra (SEE-AIR-RAH)
T Tango (TANG-GO)
U Uniform (YOU-NEE-FORM)
V Victor (VIK-TAH)
W Whiskey (WISS-KEY)
X X-ray (ECKS-RAY)
Y Yankee (YANG-KEY)
Z Zulu (ZOO-LOO)

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