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"We require more Vespene gas." -Zerg Adjutant, Starcraft

Gas Sites by Moon Master Jaxan Brax


Gas harvesting / gas mining / gas huffing is possibly the single easiest way to make early or initial ISK in wormhole space due to the relative rarity of gas sites and clouds in known space apart from nullsec. With only an investment of a Venture, one Gas Cloud Harvester I, and the skill to use both, any capsuleer can mine a gas cloud (although they must be scanned-down first like any other cosmic anomaly in the probe-scanner window).

Wormhole gas, though not the most valuable type in the game, is still significantly more profitable for capsuleers compared to investment than other activities such as ratting or participating in operations and sharing in the payouts. The value of wormhole gas comes from the fact that it is a catalyst for reactions necessary for products used in Tech III ship production. Gas cannot be compressed.

These sites are not without danger as powerful enemies spawn in these clouds after about fifteen minutes. The NPC enemies will not pod.

The ORDINARY PERIMETER RESERVOIR has 5 Vigilant Sentry Towers that will instantly destroy most ships and have a range of 5,000 km!!!

It is possible to mine the gas before the rats spawn and warp away once they do; this is known as "ninja-huffing." Gas clouds are also dangerous for cloaked hunters as the clouds will de-cloak any cloaked ships should they come within 2,500 meters of the cloud.

All gas site anomalies are called "Reservoirs" in the probe scanner window.

Gas Site Table

Note that ISK values change constantly. The figures provided here are only a rough guide to help estimate a cloud's value and effort worthiness.

Reservoir Gas Type Units / Cloud ISK / Unit ISK / Cloud Quantity & NPC Enemy
Barren Fullerite-C50 3000 3,560.83 10,690,080 3 Emergent Patroller
Fullerite-C60 1500 1,566.05 2,361,240 2 Emergent Watchman
Token Fullerite-C60 3000 1,566.05 4,722,480 2 Emergent Escort
Fullerite-C70 1500 2,366.82 3,605,070 1 Awakened Watchman
Minor Fullerite-C70 3000 2,366.82 3,605,070 2 Awakened Patroller
Fullerite-C72 1500 8,466.30 12,699,450
Sizable Fullerite-C84 3000 3,608.01 10,926,900 3 Emergent Patroller
Fullerite-C50 1500 3,560.83 5,345,040 3 Emergent Watchman
Ordinary Fullerite-C72 3000 8,466.30 25,398,900 5 Vigilant Sentry Tower
Fullerite-C84 1500 3,608.01 5,463,450
Bountiful Fullerite-C28 5000 6,757.40 34,288,300 6 Emergent Defender
Fullerite-C32 1000 19,842.17 19,882,670 3 Awakened Defender
Vast Fullerite-C32 5000 19,842.17 99,413,350 4 Awakened Defender
Fullerite-C28 1000 6,757.40 6,857,660 4 Awakened Upholder
Vital Fullerite-C540 6000 57,266.98 344,509,200 4 Emergent Keeper
Fullerite-C320 500 49,471.61 24,773,080 4 Sleepless Keeper
Instrumental Fullerite-C320 6000 49,471.61 297,276,960 4 Sleepless Sentinel
Fullerite-C540 500 57,266.98 28,709,100