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Wormhole Society Buyback Program by Moon Master Jaxan Brax


Wormhole space can indeed be very profitable if you know where to look. But after procurement of goods the main danger is becoming a target for neutral players if you try to haul what you find out of the wormhole to sell back at a trade hub in known-space. For everyone's convenience, Wormhole Society will buyback anything you find or harvest at 90% Jita Buy Value as calculated from evepraisal.com.

The first step is selecting the items and creating an Item Exchange contract between yourself and Violence is the Answer. You are required to pay taxes to Violence is the Answer (the taxing authority) on the goods you sell to the buyback program at a flat tax rate of 10%. For Blue Loot, you must use the in-game tooltip ISK value at the bottom right corner of the inventory screen where the Blue Loot is contained to calculate its value and then pay 10% of that tooltip value to Violence is the Answer.

In-Game Procedure

  1. Place items you wish to sell into your Item Hangar.
  2. Switch to List View in the Item Hangar inventory window.
  3. Select the items you wish to sell and copy to clipboard.
  4. Paste the items into the left-hand window at evepraisal.com.
  5. Click the gear icon in the upper right of that window and change the Price Percentage to 90.
  6. Copy the total Jita Buy Value to clipboard.
  7. Create an Item Exchange contract in-game and set to Private.
  8. Set the recipient to Violence is the Answer.
  9. Paste the total Jita Buy Value figure from your clipboard into the "I Will Receive" field of the contract form.
  10. Enter a description of items sold in the Description field of the contract form.
  11. Submit.

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