When TO USE an @here Ping:

Below are a few concrete examples of when an @here ping should be used; generally for larger occurrences requiring fleet assistance or escalating to fleet-on-fleet fighting:

  • Rolling a wormhole chain
  • Hostile fleet spotted in the home hole, ready to fight
  • Hostile / neutral fleet starts a conversation with our Fleet Commander and they want a friendly brawl
  • Enemy ships tackled and pilots require assistance
  • Fleet-on-fleet fight in-progress and require assistance
  • Enemy capital ship tackled
  • Friendly capital ship tackled and requires assistance
  • Organized roam / crabbing fleet activity starting shortly
  • Low power structure coming out of reinforcement timer in less than one hour
  • Friendly fleet engaged by enemy feet and requires assistance
  • Hostile / neutral fleet attacking friendly structures in home
  • Next checkpoint / procedure in an Operation reached (usually at Fleet Commander's discretion; i.e., not just anyone should ping during an operation)

When TO NOT USE an @here Ping

As shown above, the @here ping is generally reserved for situations that are more or less already in-progress. Below are some concrete examples of when NOT to use an @here ping even though an activity / situation is in-progress:

  • Lone scanning ship spotted in home hole
  • Many ships spotted on D-Scan (they could all be inside a forcefield)
  • Enemy ship on-grid but not tackled yet
  • Low-power structure found (post in the Discord #intel channel instead)
  • Capital ship or mining fleet on D-Scan
  • Neutral ships rolling a hole
  • Wormhole is End of Life (EOL)
  • Wormhole mass is destabilized / halfed or critical

#sos Discord Channel

The #sos Discord channel is only to be used to alert everyone that an eviction attempt is in-progress in the home hole and should not be used for literally ANY OTHER purpose. This is most easily indicated by a HOSTILE structure anchoring in the home hole. ANY OTHER USE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE ALLIANCE!!!

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