"We shall beat to quarters!!!" - Patrick O, Master and Commander

When to use the @here Ping by Moon Master Jaxan Brax


The drums of war...

As is so often the case throughout history, the "war drums" or "the drums of war" is a staple in military readiness. "Beat to quarters" is another example of such.

In truth there is no direct comparison between wormhole space and real life. The nature of wormhole space combined with the nature of the game itself is daunting enough. And at the same time, "There is no space like wormhole space." Therefore for this explanation, though, it might be easier to think of the sailing ships of olde but in the thickest, deepest, darkest fog imaginable.

Our home wormhole is, in essence, a ship. The continuous unknown nature of wormhole space and the dangers that surround us at all times: the fog. The new wormhole connections that randomly appear: a clearing in the fog. Severing a connection to an undesirable wormhole (for whatever reason), "rolling a hole,": maneuvering away from that clearing. The ability to sever connections alone allows us to effectively "move" our home wormhole. It is for these reasons that I (Jaxan Brax) believe the easiest way to think of our home wormhole is as a ship sailing the open seas of danger, ever surrounded by the "fog" of the unknown.

In the same way a crew aboard a ship at sea in a thick fog might want to alert their fellow crew mates to danger, an @here ping is a ping in Discord that alerts everyone currently logged into the Discord service. "May I have your attention please" might be announced throughout the vessel to use the ship analogy. An @everyone ping is a more intense and serious variation as it includes everyone associated with the Discord server in question weather they are currently logged-in or not. "This is the Captain speaking" might be a closer equivalent, communicating both the seriousness as well as the authority of the situation.

In days of olde a military naval vessel might Beat to Quarters in the same way that we send an @here ping on Discord. Therefore an @here ping should only be used when the conflict is serious enough to warrant an organized fleet. One lone Astero scanning in our home hole is insignificant when compared to greater conflicts such as a fleet-on-fleet brawl for fun or an eviction attempt by an enemy. An @everyone ping is used to communicate that the situation has escalated enough that we ask for "all hands on deck." (closest example of an @here ping)

and (situation escalated and all available hands on deck, closest example of an @everyone ping)

When TO USE an @here Ping

Below are a few concrete examples of when an @here ping should be used; generally for larger occurrences requiring fleet assistance or escalating to fleet-on-fleet fighting:

  • Rolling a wormhole chain
  • Hostile fleet spotted in the home hole, ready to fight
  • Hostile / neutral fleet starts a conversation with our Fleet Commander and they want a friendly brawl
  • Enemy ships tackled and pilots require assistance
  • Fleet-on-fleet fight in-progress and require assistance
  • Enemy capital ship tackled
  • Friendly capital ship tackled and requires assistance
  • Organized roam / crabbing fleet activity starting shortly
  • Low power structure coming out of reinforcement timer in less than one hour
  • Friendly fleet engaged by enemy feet and requires assistance
  • Hostile / neutral fleet attacking friendly structures in home
  • Next checkpoint / procedure in an Operation reached (usually at Fleet Commander's discretion; i.e., not just anyone should ping during an operation)

When TO NOT USE an @here Ping

As shown above, the @here ping is generally reserved for situations that are more or less already in-progress. Below are some concrete examples of when NOT to use an @here ping even though an activity / situation is in-progress:

  • Lone scanning ship spotted in home hole
  • Many ships spotted on D-Scan (they could all be inside a forcefield)
  • Enemy ship on-grid but not tackled yet
  • Low-power structure found (post in the Discord #intel channel instead)
  • Capital ship or mining fleet on D-Scan
  • Neutral ships rolling a hole
  • Wormhole is End of Life (EOL)
  • Wormhole mass is destabilized / halfed or critical

#sos Discord Channel

The #sos Discord channel is only to be used to alert everyone that an eviction attempt is in-progress in the home hole and should not be used for literally ANY OTHER purpose. This is most easily indicated by a HOSTILE structure anchoring in the home hole. ANY OTHER USE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE ALLIANCE!!!

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